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Anushkaa Foundation for Eliminating Clubfoot is a registered non-profit organisation with 80G, 12A and FCRA registrations. We are working to ensure that no child in India grows up disabled as a result of being born with clubfoot. Clubfoot is a birth defect in which one or both feet are turned inwards. It is one of the leading forms of physical disability when left untreated. Clubfoot when left untreated, can be extremely painful and causes stigma, loss of education, loss of employment opportunities and lifelong poverty.

Anushkaa Foundation for Eliminating Clubfoot implements its program mainly in partnership with the government, and few charitable/trust hospitals to create a long-term and sustainable solution to this solvable problem, with a heavy focus on building local capacity. We leverage the government healthcare system and network to operate and administer our program.

About Us
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Transforming Lives of Children born with Clubfoot